Governance and Advisory Structures

Brandon University and the University College of the North are research partners in the VOICE Research Project.  Both institutions respect the role of communities.  Our  governance and advisory structures integrate both academic and community-based groups through Community Circles, the VOICE Research Team and the Advisory Council.

  • Community circles represent geographic areas or communities as well as communities of interest.
  •  The VOICE Research Team is open to all members of the community circles and researchers from Brandon University and the University College of the North.
  • The VOICE Advisory Council adds value to the project by bringing together distinguished individuals who represent a range of regional, provincial, and national and research interests.

Accountability for the VOICE Research Project

Brandon University is the recipient of the research award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and it is accountable for all administrative, financial and reporting requirements.

A small Executive Committee comprised equally of research team members from the Faculty of Education, Brandon University and from the University College of the North, receives and reviews success pathways, research plans and major financial  requests from the community circles.  The Executive also reviews reports and acts as a liaison between the Community Circle and the Advisory Council.